March 26, 2016

Results From 2015 World Finals International Chocolate Awards

We are pleased to announce that Pacari Chocolate is the recipient of Silver and Gold awards at the International Chocolate Awards Ceremony! Here are the results:

Plain/origin bars

Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

Silver: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Lacumbia 70%
Silver: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Montubia 70%
Silver: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Raw 70%

Flavoured bars
Dark chocolate bars with an infusion or flavouring

Gold: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Lemon Verbena
Silver: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Andean Mint
Silver: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Lemongrass

Dark chocolate enrobed whole fruit

Gold: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Chocolate Covered Banana

Plain/origin dark chocolate bars

Gold – Growing Country: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Raw 70%
Gold – Organic: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Raw 70%


To see more results of other contestants for the 2015 World Finals, click here.

November 10, 2014

Results of the 2014 International Chocolate Awards Americas Semi-Finals

Pacari is pleased to announce that we have won awards in multiple categories as part of the 2014 International Chocolate Awards. You can view these awards and other winners on the official website: International Chocolate Awards.

Pacari took the following awards this year in the semi-finals, clicking on "link" next to each product will reveal the product in the online store if it is available for purchase. Bars without a link are currently unavailable for purchase. 

Overall Winners (Dark Bars)

  • Gold - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Tangara 70%
  • Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Piura 70% (Link)
  • Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Raw 70% (Link)
  • Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Lacumbia 70%
  • Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Montubia 70%
  • Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) - Nube 70% (Link)
  • Bronze - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Garua 70%

Special Category Awards

  • Gold - Organic - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Tangara 70%

High Percentage Dark Bars - Plain

  • Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Raw 85% (Link)
  • Bronze - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Raw 100% (Link)

Dark Flavored Bars With Infusions Or Flavoring

  • Gold - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Andean Lemon Verbena
  • Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Andean Mint

Dark Flavored Bars With Inclusions Or Pieces

  • Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - 70% Passion Fruit
  • Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Coffee (Link)
  • Silver - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - Pink Cuzco Salt and Cacao Nibs (Link)
  • Bronze - Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador)  - 60% Passion Fruit

Pacari would like to congratulate the other entrants and winners at this years 2014 International Chocolate Awards! 

November 10, 2014

What is Biodynamics? Pacari Chocolate is the world's first biodynamic certified chocolate company.

Pacari is very proud of the fact that it is the world's only certified biodynamic chocolate company and has won numerous awards and been written about in many articles concerning organic and biodynamic farming.  Many consumers are still curious as what exactly is biodynamic farming and what sets it apart from conventional farming.   In this blog we will do our best to explain biodynamic farming and provide links to further articles on the subject of biodynamic farming and the role it will play in the future of agriculture and maintaining a healthy food supply for everyone worldwide.
Biodynamics is a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, food production and nutrition. Biodynamics was first developed in the early 1920s based on the spiritual insights and practical suggestions of the Austrian writer, educator and social activist Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), whose philosophy is called “anthroposophy.” Today, the biodynamic movement encompasses thousands of successful gardens, farms, vineyards and agricultural operations of all kinds and sizes on all continents, in a wide variety of ecological and economic settings.  Biodynamic farmers strive to create a diversified, balanced farm ecosystem that generates health and fertility as much as possible from within the farm itself. Preparations made from fermented manure, minerals and herbs are used to help restore and harmonize the vital life forces of the farm and to enhance the nutrition, quality and flavor of the food being raised.
Biodynamic practitioners also recognize and strive to work in cooperation with the subtle influences of the wider cosmos on soil, plant and animal health.  Most biodynamic initiatives seek to embody triple bottom line approaches (ecological, social and economic sustainability), taking inspiration from Steiner’s insights into social and economic life as well as agriculture. Community supported agriculture (CSA), for example, was pioneered by biodynamic farmers, and many biodynamic practitioners work in creative partnerships with other farms and with schools, medical and wellness facilities, restaurants, hotels, homes for social therapy and other organizations. Biodynamics is thus not just a holistic agricultural system but also a potent movement for new thinking and practices in all aspects of life connected to food and agriculture.
Who Was Rudolf Steiner?
Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), founder of biodynamics, was a highly trained scientist and respected philosopher. Long before many of his contemporaries, Steiner came to the conclusion that western civilization would increasingly bring destruction to itself and the earth if it did not begin to incorporate an objective understanding of the spiritual world and its interrelationship with the physical world. Steiner's spiritual scientific methods and insights have given birth to practical holistic innovations in many fields including education, banking, medicine, psychology, the arts and, not least, agriculture.
Pacari Chocolate is certified Biodynamic by Demeter.
November 10, 2014

Item quantity clarification for Wholesale customers and Distributors

There are three different quantities we have at Pacari. They have been broken down in an easy to read format below.


A unit is the singular product that fits inside a case. A unit is measured as 1 bar or 1 chocolate covered fruit. you will see the number of units left in stock when you visit a product page. It will be displayed as "### items left". See picture for details. 



A case is the display box that comes with a set of units. The measurements for how many units fit inside a case are below.

  • 10 bars fit inside one case (Example of a bar)
  • 12 chocolate covered fruits fit inside one case (Example of a chocolate covered fruit)
  • 5 chocolate covered cacao beans fit inside one case (Example of a chocolate covered cacao bean

A box is the standard size shipping box that the cases arrive in from Ecuador. The measurements for how many cases fit inside a box are below.

  • 30 cases of bars fit inside one box. There are exactly 300 units per box.
  • 24 cases of chocolate covered fruits fit inside one box. There are exactly --- units per box.
  • 24 cases of chocolate covered cacao beans fit inside one box. There are exactly --- units per box.



Are you looking to be a Pacari wholesale customer? Send us a message at